Becoming a parent is one of the most extraordinary and exciting things that can happen to us.

Many people want to mark it by saying ‘thank you’ in church, even if they don’t think of themselves as religious. 

If you are thinking about a Christening (also called Baptism), or a Service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, in St Mark’s Church, please get in touch with us.

We will arrange an appropriate date and time for the service. One of the clergy team will meet with you beforehand to talk with you about the day.

A person can be baptised/Christened at any age.  If you would like to consider it for yourself, please contact us and we can talk through the possibility with you.



Choosing someone to be a godparent is an important decision. Godparents have a special place in the life of their godchild.  Promising to help them grow in their Christian faith. 

Baptism 5
Baptism Family

It is traditional to have three godparents but two godparents is sufficient. Parents may be godparents to their own children provided that the child has at least one other godparent.

Godparents must be christened in order to be a godparent. 

For those who are already baptised perhaps you are thinking about Confirmation? Please contact us if you would like to join a group to prepare for Confirmation. 

This link takes you to the Church of England’s website for Christenings. It has guidance and answers about Christenings.